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Rich Hill Magic & Fun Emporium may be new in town, but
this magician has been working his magic for years

Brown County is definitely full of unique shops, unlike those you would find anywhere else. From homemade candy to handcrafted pottery, you can find just about anything here. But, to Rich Hill, there just seemed to be something missing. And that something, in fact, was a magic shop.

Brown County adds new shop, Rich Hill Magic & Fun Emporium, to its eclectic collection of stores. From basic pranks to big scale stage illusions, this store is Brown County’s new one stop magic shop! Of course, naturally, I had to go check it out myself. Lucky for me, I was able to talk to Rich about his new shop and his passion for magic. Here’s what he had to say…

Q: What’s your story? How long have you been doing magic?
I’ve been doing magic for a long time, probably since I was in third grade so 8 or 9 years old. I grew up in Indiana in Fort Wayne and there was a magic shop in town. I remember the magic shop owner doing a show at church and he pulled me on stage to do a trick with him. I remember he put just a couple of red balls in my hand and made me close my fist, and somehow it seemed like 100 of those balls fell out of my hand! From then on, I was hooked. I started going to the magic shop in town all the time and would learn from the owner and I had a friend whose dad was a professional magician so I really learned a lot from him too. I just started practicing a lot and by junior high I was doing paid shows. From then on I just continued to gain knowledge and do magic.

Q: So how did that interest and passion in magic lead you here?
Well like I said, I grew up in Indiana and went to college in Evansville for theater. Then, I moved out to Dallas and ended up moving back here to Nashville in 2005. For the last 15 years or so I’ve been building illusion equipment and selling it to other magicians. I started building tricks and props for myself in junior high then in 1998 I started building for other people. Around 2000, I took my products to the Internet and started selling them online. I’ve always been naturally artistic so I got into woodworking and building just kind of became an outlet for me to turn my hobby of magic into business.

Q: Why start a storefront shop in Nashville then?
Well I liked all the building, but I just feel like it’s time to get out from under the pile of sawdust and get back out in the world again and do what I love, which is magic, all day long. Magic is an art form that happens but you really don’t get to experience it unless you have a magic shop in town. So, I guess I just wanted to provide people with something fun and different to go see and do. The joy for me is watching people’s faces when I do magic—to see their amazement and curiosity.

Q: What items can people find in the Rich Hill Magic & Fun Emporium?
We carry a full line of novelty and magic products—from pranks to puzzles and easy magic tricks for beginners to the tricks you see professionals do in the shows. We’re continuously getting more products in and stocking our shelves for Spring. And of course, next year we’ll have plenty of Halloween supplies in the store. We have a demo area too. Visitors can always expect to see some magic when they stop in!

Q: Why should people visit the store? What makes this shop unique?
Well it’s the only thing of its kind in Brown County, and in fact, all of Southern Indiana. There’s no other magic shops around that I know of. As the word gets out, I hope people come and I hope it’s a big draw for Brown County. The idea that magic is accessible to everyone is great!

Q: What big plans do you have in store for Rich Hill Magic & Fun Emporium in the future?
I hope the store continues to grow and that more and more people learn about it and stop in. I also plan to start offering kids magic classes or lessons in the evening at the shop, either one-on-one or in a group. I’d like to eventually do classes for adults too if there is interest. I’d also like to get some other magicians to come to town and do a show at the Playhouse maybe. Plus, people can call me to do shows at parties and other events.

Q: What advice would you give those looking to get into magic? Where should new magicians start?
My advice would be to find someone you can talk to in the business. Find a mentor. There’s no substitution for one-on-one interaction and mentoring. If people need someone to answer their questions, I can help them or point them in the right direction. Plus, we have a lot of resources and tools they can use here at the shop. We have instructional DVDs and books, magic history books, and a lot more!

Rich Hill Magic & Fun Emporium:
75 S Jefferson Street (Antique Alley), Nashville, IN 47448
Open daily from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.