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With over 170,000 acres of forested land, Brown County is home to a wide variety of year-round outdoor activities. Not only is Brown County the most densely forested county in the state, but it also boasts Indiana’s largest state park, a national forest, a state forest, and nationally-recognized mountain bike trails.  

Chock-full of outdoor activities, rugged adventures, and of course, beautiful scenery…consider Brown County your gateway to the great outdoors!

Check out this adventure itinerary for two and get in on the fun!

Day 1:

Morning: Start the trip off with a real adventure! Go zip lining!

Looking for a thrill? Head to eXplore Brown County! Home of the tallest, longest, and fastest zip lines in Brown County, eXplore BC offers over 1,000 acres of year-round adventure, including 15 world-class zip lines. Soar from heights of 20 to 70 feet through treetops, over hollows, and a lake! There’s even a dueling zip for all those competitive couples out there!

Lunch: Grab some grub and get lost in the woods!

Have a little adventure with your lunch at Hard Truth Hills! A 325-acre destination dedicated to the craft of distilling and brewing, this is one spot you’ve gotta see to believe. Dig in at the onsite restaurant, then check out the Get Lost Tour. Explore the hills on a Mule. No, we’re not talking about the animal, but rather the ATV. During this 75-minute tour, not only will you learn the history of Brown County and the Big Woods/Hard Truth/Quaff ON! brands, you’ll get to taste some spirits too!

Afternoon: Hit the trails in the Brown County State Park! Go mountain biking or hiking!

No adventure trip to Brown County is complete without a stop in the Brown County State Park! Over 16,000-acres, the State Park is home to two lakes, stunning vistas, around 30 miles of hiking trails, and another 30 miles of mountain biking trails.

Want to hike? A couple of our favorites are Trail 6 and Trail 7, both around the park’s lakes. Trail 6 will take you down from the Nature Center, around Strahl Lake, and back up, while Trail 7 makes a big, beautiful loop around Ogle Lake! Let’s be honest though, any trail you pick in the State Park is a winner!

More of a mountain biker? We’ve got some top-notch trails for you! Designated a Bronze Level Ride Center by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, Brown County has joined the ranks as one of the top mountain biking destinations in the world! No matter what your skill level, there’s a trail for you. Check out all the trails in the State Park here. Time to get shredding!

Evening & Night: Dinner and relaxing!

After a day filled with activity, you better bet you’ll be tired and hungry! Grab some dinner at one of our great restaurants. Make it an early night since you have another day of adventure planned tomorrow and just relax in your room. If you’re lucky, where you are staying may even have a hot tub or whirlpool tub!


Day 2:

Morning: Fill up on breakfast, then check out one of these off-the-beaten path hikes!

After a good night’s rest and some breakfast, you’ll be ready for an off-the-beaten path adventure. Discover some of the less well-known, but still super awesome trails outside of the Brown County State Park!

Some of our favs are Nebo Ridge, Laura Hare Nature Preserve, and Browning Mountain. A classic backcountry Indiana trail, Nebo Ridge is an out and back hike that’s definitely scenic and secluded. An 8-mile trail one way, you don’t have to do the whole thing…you can make the call on when to turn around and come back. Laura Hare is another hidden gem. A 6-mile journey, this trail will take you up, down, and around the undisturbed forest.

Looking for a shorter hike? Check out Browning Mountain. After a steep 928-foot climb to the top, you’ll want to take some time to explore once you reach the summit. Be on the lookout for a circle of sandstone slabs, a pond, a well, and an old building foundation. It’s also known as Indiana’s Stonehenge because of the large boulders you’ll find mysteriously scattered across the landscape. How did they get up there anyway?!

Lunch: Explore the town of Story and grab some lunch!

You’ll be nearby after your hike, so take a mid-day break and discover Story! A quaint village founded in 1851, the entire town has been turned into The Story Inn, Indiana’s oldest country inn. Besides featuring lodging (including one haunted room), Story also is home to a restaurant, tavern, gardens, and more. Dig into a delicious, fresh lunch and poke around a bit before your next adventure!  

Afternoon: Saddle up and go horseback riding!

Experience Brown County in a different way…on the back of a horse! Take in the natural beauty of the forest and have a little fun—no cowboy boots necessary! Head to the Brown County Saddle Barn for an afternoon of adventure. Walk, trot, or canter…you can pick your poison!

Evening & Night: Dinner, drinks, and live entertainment!

You were good last night, so live it up tonight! Get cleaned up and have a night on the town. Grab some pre-dinner drinks at one of our wineries or bars, then savor a more upscale dinner together. Keep the fun going with some live music or a live show after dinner!