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Brown County isn’t just for the ladies! Treat Dad this Father’s Day and plan a visit to Brown County. We’ve gathered up some fun Father’s Day activities, gift ideas, and eateries for Dad’s special day!

Do Something Together!

  • Take a hike! Or a bike ride. Or a paddle. Or a zip. You get where we’re going with this. Spend some quality time with Dad and explore the great outdoors in beautiful Brown County! With tons of fun adventure activities to choose from (some more common than others), it will be easy to find something you both can enjoy together.
  • Play a round of golf! If extreme adventure or hiking isn’t your thing, grab the clubs and hit the green at Salt Creek Golf Retreat…one of Indiana‚Äôs best and most unique golf courses!
  • Spend the day fishing! Whether it’s in the Brown County State Park, Yellowwood Lake, Lake Lemon, or any of our other smaller lakes or creeks, a day on the water is a day well spent! Just remember to pack a cooler and to have your fishing permits ahead of time!
  • Tour one (or both) of our local distilleries! Check out the Farm to Fifth Tour at Bear Wallow Distillery. Or, head on up to Hard Truth Hills, home of Hard Truth Distilling Co. spirits. There you can go on a 60-minute tour/tasting or an even longer ATV tour (sampling included, of course)!

Dad-Approved Gifts!

Grab a Brew and a Bite at One of Our Bars!

Or view all your eating options here!