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Typically, it’s not very nice to tell someone to “get lost” …but, we’re doing it anyways! That’s right, it’s high time you ditch the map and simply get lost in Brown County. After all, it’s when you least expect it that you find something great! This time, we’re not talking about hiking trails or unique attractions, but rather heading down the alleys to seek out hidden gems in our downtown village.

With tons of stores, treat shops, and restaurants, the Village is always a hotspot for fun. Sure, you may have your favorite shops that you visit every trip. You may even be familiar with most stores on the main drag through town. But…did you know there are dozens of other shops tucked away just waiting to be discovered? Between our bustling alleyways and cute little alcoves, there are plenty of reasons to get off the beaten path and explore some new territory. That’s exactly why we’ve hit the pavement, surveyed the scene, and put together this guide to Brown County’s best alley shopping!

Old School Way Alley

The longest, biggest alleyway in the Village, you’ve got to check out the shops along Old School Way! Where’s that? Think about the long alley that runs behind Out of the Ordinary and the Artists Colony Inn. A shopping jackpot, stores line both sides of the street. On one side you’ll find the Main Street Shoppes, including Emma’s Cafe, New Harmony Soap Company, The Educated Otter, Homes on a Limb, and Foxfire Boutique.

Meanwhile on the opposite side of the street, there’s the back entrance to Crow’s Nest, Sweetwater Gallery, and Wishful Thinking. Further up, you’ll find the Mor Shoppes – Sweet Cozy Living, Reliable Vintage, Brown County Winery tasting room, Stoffer Gallery, and Simply Fitness.

From trendy clothing and eclectic home decor to handcrafted soap, art, ad wine, if you haven’t explored Old School Way, it’s high time you did. So much shopping…who knew?!

Back to Back Complex & Possum Trot Square

Almost mid-way through Old School Way, there is another little alley and separate alcove that run perpendicular with even more special spots to see. Hit up the Back to Back Complex for all your scrapbooking needs. You’ll find both Papertrix and Wishful Thinking there! It’s also home to Simply 4 You and Yesteryear Old Time Photos. In the Possum Trot Square alcove, you’ll have access to the front entrance of Crow’s Nest and Sweetwater Gallery. Can’t forget about Gyros Food…and a nice little sitting area to enjoy your lunch!

Robert “Buck” Stogsdill Way Alley

Keep heading North on Old School Way and you’ll hit Main Street. Cross it, and you’ll find yourself in another alley right next to the Courthouse. While you’re there, check out Weed Patch Music Company. Pick out (or just admire) the perfect instrument, including one-of-a-kind locally made creations. Then, stop in the Nashville Spice Company for tons of spice options, along with gourmet and oh-so-tasty complimentary food items. Trust us, anything you get there will be nothing short of awesome!

Locust Lane

Not too far away is The Back Porch, located on Locust Lane. Where’s that? Directly behind Trilogy Gallery, of course. If you’ve never been to this shop, you should…if nothing else, just to kick back, relax, and test out a rocking chair on the porch.

Molly’s Lane

Crossing over the main road through town (Van Buren Street), you’ll find a delicious little alleyway called Molly’s Lane. Sandwiched between Big Woods Pizza and LaSha’s jewelry store, Molly’s Lane is home to two great spots to fill up. Get your caffeine fix at Common Grounds Coffee Bar and Tea Shop…and do a little shopping while you’re there. Or, head further down the alley to Big Woods, the Original. Amazing craft brews, creative cocktails, gourmet pub food…you can’t go wrong at this cool, laid-back locale!

Antique Alley

If you continue to make your way South, you’ll run into Antique Alley. Another haven for shopping, Antique Alley is home to a wide variety of stores that are sure to pique your interest…and have you taking home the perfect Brown County keepsake.

This collection of shops includes FINDS Funky Resale, Wooden Wonders, The Clay Purl, The Yellow Door Quilt Store, Through the Looking Glass, Rich Hill’s Magic and Fun Emporium, K. Bellum Leather Goods, For Bare Feet, and Brown County Pottery.

It doesn’t stop there…Antique Alley also houses Plum Natural Products, Agape Pearls, My Sister’s Shoppe, Brown County Weavery, Old McDurbin Gold, and more!

From yarn, jewelry, and handcrafted items to customized woodwork and stone carving, make sure Antique Alley is on your to-do list!

Franklin Square

Pop out of Antique Alley and cross Franklin Street and you’ll find yourself in Franklin Square, a cozy alcove with more great shops to explore. Check out locally made goods at Harvestmoon Homestead. Get your Peace Frogs gear at the Cheeky Owl. Uncover a unique antique at Napopi. You can even get a foot massage country bumpkin’ style at Hillbilly Footwash!

Well, there you have it…a rundown of Brown County’s best alley shopping (and eating)! Sometimes you just have to take the path less traveled!   

What’s your favorite shop in Brown County? Let us know in the comments below!