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Calling all mountain bikers! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran to the sport or just starting out, it’s high time you come shred with us. Why? Because biking in Brown County is simply the best!

When you think of mountain biking, you may not think of the Midwest…especially Indiana. Well, we’re here to tell you to think again! With nearly 30 miles of trails in the Brown County State Park and over 150 miles of trails within a half-hour of the county, mountain biking in Brown County may still be one of the best kept secrets in the U.S.

Internationally known, nationally respected, there’s no doubt about it…Brown County has some top-notch trails! Besides, our charming downtown Village, eclectic lodging, delicious dining, booming craft booze scene, and plethora of other outdoor adventure only make mountain biking in Brown County that much sweeter! Sweet enough to turn it into a mini vacation!

Still not sold on BC? Let’s take a deeper look into why we’re one of the Midwest’s premier mountain biking destinations!

Brown County State Park

With nearly 16,000-acres to play, a ride through Indiana’s largest state park is a must! Home to 13 bike trails, mountain biking in the Brown County State Park is nothing short of epic! At least that’s what the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) thinks. Designated an Epic Trail System in 2011, IMBA upped the accolades by naming the trails in the park a Bronze Level Ride Center in 2015…putting Brown County in the ranks among other big-name biking hotspots.

Designed from scratch by mountain bikers for mountain bikers, the trails int he State Park range from easy to expert and feature plenty of elevation changes, flowy downhill sections, steep climbs, switchbacks, obstacles, and more. The park’s scenic vistas are just icing on the cake!

Five beginner trails, two intermediate trails, three advanced trails, and three expert trails…there really is something for everyone no matter where you’re at in your biking journey!

Read more about each trail in our Mountain Biking Guide.

Outside of the State Park

Maybe you’ve already hit up the trails in the State Park and want a change of scenery? Or, maybe you’re looking for a real off-the-grid adventure? We’ve got you covered!

Check out Brown County’s other two forests! Get ready for some good ol’ singletrack, doubletrack and fire road riding in Yellowwood State Forest. There’s always Hoosier National Forest too. Do the 30-mile Hickory Ridge Loop to really get lost in the woods. Or take on Nebo Ridge, a 16-mile classic Indiana backcountry ride.

Other good spots to try out are eXplore Brown County and Gnaw Bone Camp. Test your skills and your speed on eXplore Brown County’s fun downhill courses or opt for secluded, ungroomed singletrack at privately-owned Gnaw Bone Camp!

Photo Credit: Bike List

New Trails on the Way

Trails, trails, and you got it…more trails! That’s right, we’re adding even more bold, beautiful, kick-butt rides to our repertoire. The Hoosier Mountain Bike Association (HMBA) was recently awarded a grant to build 7.5 more miles of bike trails over the next three years. These new trails will connect to existing trails in the Brown County State Park to allow for even more uninterrupted riding, particularly for beginner and intermediate riders. HMBA also hopes this bumps the State Park from a Bronze Level Ride Center to a Silver one! We can’t wait!

Awards and Accolades

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