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Fall is a magical time of year in Brown County. The sights, sounds, and smells of the fall season are all around. From the vibrant colors of the leaves to the tantalizing scent of warm apple cider, Brown County is a great place to be during the autumn months.

Every year tourists flock to the county and the Village of Nashville to get their fill of fall. Shops are booming with business and the State Park is packed full of drivers and hikers all admiring Brown County’s famous foliage and artisanal charm. From kayaking, hiking, and biking to shopping, checking out local pumpkin patches, and sampling festive fall treats, there’s so much to do and to love about fall in Brown County!
Being a new addition to the CVB and currently a non-resident of the county, I decided I needed to take a day trip to Brown County during the weekend to experience firsthand the buzz of the fall season. Driving to work at the CVB the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a front row seat to the changing colors of the leaves, so it only seemed right that I try to time my visit with when I thought the leaves would reach their peak. I picked October 18. Who knows if this was one of the peak weeks or not but let’s be honest, the leaves here in Brown County are beautiful the entire fall season!

Hitting the road fairly early that morning, I made my drive to Brown County. The closer I got to the county line and the Village of Nashville, the prettier my surroundings became. My drive changed from flat corn fields with sparse trees to winding hills lined with thick forest. Not only did the trees increase as I approached but their colors became more vibrant and varied with every mile traveled.

Rolling into town around mid-morning, I was surprised to see the Village already busy with visitors. Men and women, children and older adults, it was very clear that Nashville really is a travel destination for all ages. Even though it was a brisk morning with some cloud cover, it didn’t hold back visitors who were out in full force strolling the streets of Nashville. Restaurants were packed with diners, shops were teeming with people, sidewalks were full of travelers, and there weren’t hardly any parking spots left. It seemed like everyone had the same weekend getaway idea as me. Needless to say, fall is definitely a great time for business and tourism in Brown County!

Upon arriving, I was ready to hit the streets of Nashville and began my stroll around the Village. I’m always amazed and impressed by the sheer artistic talent and craftsmanship that can be found in the shops of Nashville. It’s always refreshing to come to a place where shopping is different, with unique, handmade creations that are truly one-of-a-kind. It was obvious too that I wasn’t the only one who was enjoying what I was seeing. Nearly every person I passed was carrying something they had purchased in the Village.

After wondering in and out of a few more shops, and of course, a stop at one of the candy stores in town, I was ready to head to the State Park for an afternoon hike. I couldn’t come to Brown County in the fall and not get outdoors to admire the foliage! I knew I wanted to get out and hike some of the trails to get a firsthand look at the colors of the fall season, but I thought it would be nice to take a short scenic drive around the park beforehand. Surrounded by bright yellows, oranges, and reds, the leaves in Brown County definitely were living up to their reputation. There’s nowhere else I have ever been in the state of Indiana that could compare to the foliage I was seeing.

Even though I had pulled over at several of the incredible vistas throughout the park, I had to specifically check out Hesitation Point. All I can say is that everyone should stop and “hesitate” at this well-known overlook. The view was breathtaking as all different colors dotted the landscape below me. This view was so perfect and picturesque that it could have easily been something seen in a famous magazine or work of art. What I was seeing in Brown County was the true epitome of fall.

After taking some time to appreciate the beauty of nature all around me, I decided Hesitation Point was where I should start my hike. Walking along the dirt trail that wound up and down the rolling terrain, I was surrounded by stunning colors, particularly vibrant yellow leaves, as far as the eye could see. Looking around, the leaves crunching under my feet, I saw all the other shades of fall too. Large trees reaching up to the sky displaying tan and orange foliage, even some shorter trees with bright red leaves, were all around me. No wonder so many people come to Brown County in the fall to hike. Being completely engulfed in nature’s colorful magic is reason enough to make the trip!

About halfway into the trail, I took a detour and headed to Ogle Lake. And, I’m glad I did. The reflection of the leaves on the still water was incredible. It was like getting a double dose of fall color as Brown County seemed to embody the very essence of fall.

Heading back to the main trail to finish up my hike, I was sad it was coming to an end. I think I could spend all day admiring and exploring the great outdoors, especially during the fall and especially in a place like Brown County. Even though this day was soon going to be over, I knew I could always come back for more. After all, not many people have something so beautiful in their very own backyard…or just a short drive away.

From hiking to shopping and everything in between, Brown County in the fall is definitely worth checking out. Whether it’s for an afternoon, a day, or a whole weekend, you will be glad you did…I know I was!