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Photo courtesy of @kristianna_moore

It’s official, it’s spring! Instead of hitting the beach or spending hours stuck in the car, spend your Spring Break in Brown County this year! That’s right, no matter what direction you’re coming from, we’re only a short drive away. Plus, with endless outdoor adventure opportunities and a one-of-a-kind downtown Village, a visit to Brown County is hard to beat!

So, if you’re looking for some last-minute Spring Break plans, pack your bags, grab the family, and head to Brown County! Come for a long weekend, break up the mid-week monotony, or stay for the entire week…we have plenty to discover and do.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure!
What better way to embrace the new spring season than with some time outside! Did you know that Brown County is home to over 170,000 acres of forested land? That’s right, Brown County is the most densely forested county in the state. It also boasts the largest state park in Indiana and nationally-recognized mountain bike trails!

Brown County is nature’s playground, chock-full of outdoor activities, rugged adventures, and of course, beautiful scenery. The list of outdoor opportunities available is endless, and includes hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, canoeing/kayaking, hunting, fishing, golfing, bird watching, zip lining, disc golf, arrow tag, paintball, and ATV/buggy tours just to name a few.

Your gateway to the great outdoors, Brown County is special…it’s home to a state park, state forest, and national forest. A true nature-lover’s trifecta! Breaking the mold of what you would expect to find in Indiana, Brown County’s topography and terrain vastly differs from other Midwestern states. Brown County is home to rolling hills, stunning vistas, abundant wildlife, and oh so many trees! Which of course, means more green!

So, go on…grab those boots and hike some trails, go for a thrilling mountain bike ride, zip through the trees, saddle up like your favorite cowboy, paddle your way through the backwaters, enjoy s’mores by the campfire…feel the call of the wild in Brown County this Spring Break!

Have Some Fun in the Village!
If you’re not wanting to get down and dirty, there’s plenty to do in the Village instead! Fun fact: our unique downtown area is home to more than 150 eclectic boutiques and galleries filled with handcrafted items, several restaurants, a craft beer tasting room and wine tasting rooms (not necessarily for the kiddos’ enjoyment), art galleries, as well as treat shops!

You can even spot several public art pieces while you’re out and about! Between the public art and many art galleries, you’ll get to know Brown County’s deep artistic roots. Getting its start in the early 1900s as an art colony, Brown County remains a haven for artists, artisans, and everything “handcrafted” to this day. In fact, we’re home to one of the oldest art galleries in the country, the Brown County Art Gallery!

Be sure to pop into some of our sweet shops for live demonstrations! The Nashville Fudge Kitchen, Schwab’s Fudge, the Candy Dish, the Nashville Candy Store, Miller’s Ice Cream, and the Carmel Corn Cottage are often cranking out their special treats in their stores for all to see…and taste!

Did you know that you can even mine for treasure at Copperhead Creek? Find gems, fossils, and arrowheads! The Gem Mine is located in the heart of the Village ready for your panning fun!

Don’t forget about the Salt Creek Trail either. Catch it at CVS or at the YMCA for a brief stroll in nature without going to the State Park! Most people don’t know it exists, but the Salt Creek Trail is a great place to see some of our beautiful scenery while still being close to the Village!

Discover Hidden Gems!
We don’t want to say too much to spoil the surprise, but Brown County has several hidden gems waiting to be discovered!

Grab lunch at the Farmhouse Cafe, splash around in the indoor waterpark at the Abe Martin Lodge, play some disc golf, pan for gold at the Gatesville Country Store…Brown County has lots of secrets worth uncovering. Go out and explore!

Brown County sounds like a pretty great way to spend Spring Break to us! Hopefully it does to you too! For more fun ideas of what to do during your visit, check out our online event calendar or some other trip ideas we’ve come up with. Be sure and book your stay while you’re at it!

See you in Brown County this Spring Break!