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Private and cozy, yet smack dab in the middle of all the excitement…Iris Garden Cottages and Suites are the perfect balance of relaxation and fun! Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, these cottages and suites are tucked away for just the right amount of seclusion without sacrificing any of the convenience of being right in the center of the Village.

Imagine sitting on the front porch watching visitors stroll by or walking out of your room and being right across the street from restaurants, bars, and shops. It doesn’t get much better (or easier) than that! But don’t worry, step back inside your abode, shut the door, and the outside world will fade away as you relax in your own quaint oasis. The best of both worlds, staying at Iris Garden Cottages and Suites is a great way to experience the Village’s hustle and bustle, while still savoring Brown County’s rustic tranquility. Plus, when the word on the street is that you’re one of the friendliest spots in town, the Iris Garden is hard to beat!

Find the one-of-a-kind Copperhead Creek Gem Mine, Rock Shop, Iris Garden Gallery, or the tasty Ice Cream Cottage on the north end of town and you’ve arrived at your destination. While you may not even realize you’re surrounded by cottages, several overnight spots fill the complex. From intimate suites for couples to rentals big enough to accommodate families or small groups, Iris Garden rooms are the right fit for just about anyone or any occasion. And they’re all unique too!

“Each unit we have here is different from the next,” explained owner Matt Gray. “We work with each space to make it special, cozy, accommodating, and to really make it a pleasant surprise for our guests when they walk in.”
Matt, along with his wife Amy, bought the property (not just the cottages but the whole Iris Garden complex) in 2003. Starting with three lodging units, they’ve since added a handful more, a rental a few blocks away, and are in the process now of creating two new suites slated to open by September!

Whether you’re staying in the Cozy Cottage, Sweet Suite, The Nest, or any other of their charming properties, you’re sure to feel right at home thanks to the comfy décor and overall soothing vibe. Of course, Matt and Amy’s “above and beyond” attitude is just icing on the cake.

“We do our best to make everyone’s stay the best as possible,” said Matt. “We feel like we have family all over the country because of all the friends we make here every single day.”

“We are very one-on-one with people,” explained Matt. “We are here, we’re around, and we enjoy meeting and caring for our guests. It’s the best part of our business and being business owners.” Talk about first-class treatment. It’s easy to relax and unwind at the Iris Garden where all your needs are not only met but well taken care of!

Besides a heaping dose of hospitality, Iris Garden Cottages and Suites are chock full of amenities, convenience, and comfort. Inside each unit, you’ll find a microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, and of course a cushy spot to lay your head. Some units are even complete with a full kitchen and deck. A reliable source (the owner that is) let it be known that in the future all units will have their very own deck area too!

You can’t help feel relaxed as each room is filled with cozy décor and a warm and inviting atmosphere. Plus, the Iris Garden is so convenient!

Once you arrive in Nashville, forget those keys. You won’t have to drive anywhere unless you leave the Village. Walk to breakfast, stroll the shops, meander on over to dinner, and spend the evening listening to some live music. You’re sure to get the true downtown experience when you stay at the Iris Garden…without sacrificing any of the peacefulness that Brown County is known for.

“It’s a great place to relax and rejuvenate in the middle of a quaint little village that has so much to explore and enjoy,” said Matt.

He’s right about that! Iris Garden Cottages and Suites are the place to be if you’re looking for a hidden retreat in the heart of the Village. The Iris Garden has big plans for the future too!

There are going to be two new suites available for rent soon. These two new rooms will face Van Buren Street (the main drag through downtown), providing front row access to all the Village festivities, while still maintaining that classic Iris Garden charm.

“We’re really excited about what’s coming,” explained Matt. “We’re taking what’s always been cozy and accommodating and we’re adding more to it!”

The more the better when you’re talking about great places to stay smack dab in the middle of downtown. With its top-notch location, hospitable owners, and welcoming atmosphere, the Iris Garden is a true Village vacation, where you can escape, relax, and still experience all the Brown County buzz.

Be sure to check out Iris Garden Cottages and Suites and book your stay today!

Iris Garden Cottages and Suites:
79 North Van Buren Street, Nashville, IN, 47448