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Think you’d enjoy being surrounded by trees and the sound of nature? Maybe you dream about evenings around the campfire or cozy afternoons curled up inside by the fireplace? Just imagine living in a secluded little cabin in the woods where the hustle and bustle of the world and life’s stresses seem so far away. Sound like the perfect place?
Well you’re in luck because you can experience all this and more at Robinwood Inn, a bed and breakfast unlike any other. A Brown County treasure, Robinwood Inn is a rustic retreat offering plenty of privacy, wooded views, eclectic décor, and best of all a feeling of complete relaxation and escape.

While it may feel like you’re miles away from everything and everyone, you’re really not. Less than a mile from the Village of Nashville and the Brown County State Park, Robinwood Inn is definitely convenient too!

Not your typical bed and breakfast, Robinwood Inn is more than just a place to stay for the weekend, it’s your home away from home. Small, real, and personal, Robinwood Inn “always feels like your house” according to owner Tyra Miller. I 100% agree after visiting Robinwood Inn myself.

Unsure of what to expect as I drove the short distance from town out to Robinwood, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Inn tucked away on Highland Avenue, surrounded by mature trees and beautiful scenery. In less than five minutes I had left the shops and visitor-filled streets behind for a more peaceful, natural environment that you can only find in Brown County. Passing by houses along the way, once I reached my destination and hopped out of my car, you wouldn’t have known there was another soul around. Quiet and calm, all that could be heard was the sound of nearby bugs and birds and the rustling of leaves.

With no major sign designating that I had officially arrived, at first I was not positive I was in the right spot. However, a greeting by Romeo the dog and Tyra herself reassured me I had found what I was after. A deliberate decision not to mark the property with signage, Tyra explained that it’s all to maintain the Inn’s secluded vibe. “We just wanted to keep it private – a real retreat, so we don’t have any big signs out front,” she said. “We want it to feel like you’ve found something special.”

And special it is indeed. Fashioned in the style of a true old country inn, Robinwood is a one-of-a-kind place that everyone should experience. “It really is magical here,” said Tyra. “And I would encourage everyone to seek those places out.”

The best of both worlds, Robinwood Inn is the perfect spot to feel like you’ve completely escaped reality without actually being too far from it at all. “We’re close to town and to the State Park, but there are no busy highways or traffic here, just the woods,” she explained.

“You’re not totally isolated but it’s very private and that’s something that’s hard to find in a bed and breakfast. When you visit, it really does feel like you live in Brown County and people love that!”

Working hard to give guests their own spaces on the property, Tyra strives to create a unique experience for her visitors, while also sharing with them the love she has for Robinwood. “It’s an inn and it’s meant for sharing, so that’s exactly what we’re doing,” she said. “This place has a spirit and energy; it’s just way too good to keep a secret.”

Previously owned by two accomplished architects, Robinwood Inn has always been a hub for hospitality and creativity. It was Ed James, known for his work with Indiana University, who first bought the property and built his house and studio.

After a fire, Robinwood’s next owner, A. Judson Rogers, who studied under Frank Lloyd Wright and designed several homes in Brown County and Bloomington, built his dream home on the property, dubbing it “Robinwood,” a name that remains to this day. Both architects also were big entertainers, hosting guests in what is now Maybelle’s Cottage. There’s even a hand carved mantel in the Robinwood Studio dating back to the early 1940s that reads “The Ornaments Of A House Are The Friends Who Frequent It.” How cool! It’s like Robinwood was always meant to be an inn!

Prior to Tyra, Judy Robertson owned the property, which she acquired from Rogers. Renaming it Ashland Manor, Judy ran a small-scale underground bed and breakfast for years. That was before Tyra moved in 15 years ago. While at first Tyra just lived on the property with her family and pets, it didn’t take long for her to realize it was something special that needed to be shared. After remodeling and renting out different parts of the property to guests, Tyra decided to make it a full-blown B&B four years ago. Robinwood Inn was reborn and the rest is history!

Owning and operating a bed and breakfast was something that Tyra never dreamed she would do, but now that it’s a reality, she can’t imagine it being any other way, “I’ve never really had a plan for anything or tried to force a career for myself but things just seem to work out how they are meant to be.”

“I thought I would be a traveler or something along those lines,” she said, “but now that I’m here, it’s obviously a perfect fit.”

Embracing her new role and lifestyle, Tyra loves to use her imagination and skills not only to design beautiful and unique spaces for guests to stay, but also to maintain the Inn and serve her customers. “Everything is an adventure and an opportunity to learn,” she explained. “Taking on the bed and breakfast was just a way for me to move in a new direction and express my creativity.”

Before she added innkeeper to her resume, Tyra was in the restaurant biz, managing and owning a couple of different spots in Nashville. She even had a shop in the Village before that! Happy and content where she’s at now, Tyra is the first one to tell you that her heart is where it belongs…at Robinwood Inn.

Getting the grand tour of the Inn when I visited, I was amazed and impressed by what I saw. Not only were the grounds gorgeous, dabbled with fire pits, trees, a garden area, and several adorable pet residents (yes, there were chickens, dogs, a cat, and miniature horses), but the interiors of the rooms were all artfully decorated as well, each with its own distinctive flair.

“Brown County is very eclectic with so many different kinds of people living here,” said Tyra. “We try to represent those people in our spaces.” Referring to it as an “expression of our surroundings,” Tyra’s vision captures that diversity, as each room has a different theme with décor to follow suit.

From the more rustic Fireside Retreat and calming Robinwood Studio to the bohemian Treetop Loft and welcoming Maybelle’s Cabin, all rooms are an experience and destination rather than simply a place to sleep.

A blend of new amenities, antique accents, and locally made items, Tyra creates spaces that are refreshing and original, yet still warm and comfy, making you feel right at home. Hitting the nail on the head, Robinwood’s slogan “contemporary comfort with vintage appeal” couldn’t be more fitting.

You’ll see things at Robinwood Inn that you won’t find anywhere else, like a timeworn bar and hand-painted peacock wall art in the Treetop Loft, antique cameras and wormy Chestnut walls at Fireside Retreat, an old record player perfect for dancing in Maybelle’s Cabin, as well as handcrafted sassafras shelves and an upcycled fence head board in the Robinwood Studio.

All of Robinwood Inn’s rooms also have private hot tubs and decks, ideal for relaxing and soaking up stunning wooded views. You’ll even get a hot, homemade breakfast delivered to you on Saturdays and Sundays too, prepared by none other than Tyra herself! As if all that wasn’t enough, there are fireplaces in all the rooms and the option to have a massage in the privacy of your cabin. Sounds like the perfect set-up for a real retreat where reality fades away and total relaxation can kick in…after all, isn’t that what a getaway or vacation is all about?

“Our main goal is to stay unique from everyone else so our guests get a special experience,” explained Tyra. “It’s a great place for people who really want to escape, relax, and be surrounded by the woods.”

Clearly achieving her goal, Tyra has created a place that is equally as peaceful as it is memorable. And of course, she’s not stopping there. With another room in the works that will hopefully be available later this month, Robinwood Inn continues to grow. Greenhouse Flat, the newest addition to the Inn, follows an outdoor garden theme. With tin and poplar all around, the room has a very open and clean feel. It even has a pool table and neat shower complete with wood flooring!

Excited for what’s in store for Robinwood Inn, I was glad I had the chance to experience it for myself. 100% original, Robinwood Inn not only is cozy and relaxing, it truly is unforgettable. Unlike any other bed and breakfast you’ve seen, this Brown County retreat is definitely one-of-a-kind. Check it out the next time you visit and discover the magic of Robinwood Inn!

Robinwood Inn:
914 Highland Drive, Nashville, IN 47448