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Bring on the Booze!

Two distilleries, one brewery, and four wineries. That’s what you’ll find in Brown County! While we may be a relatively small destination, our booze scene is booming. Whether you walk to all the wine tasting rooms in the Village, make your way outside of downtown for the distilleries, or sip some Brown County beer with dinner, indulging in our locally made libations is a must!

From fine wine and mouthwatering moonshine to craft brews and smooth spirits, our booze game is on point. No matter what your drink of choice may be, we’ve got you covered. Check out where you can wet your whistle below!

Wineries in Brown County

Brown County Winery 

Opening in 1985, Brown County Winery has been producing 100% of their wine in Brown County for more than three decades. After so long, they’ve got it down to a science, which is why they can produce such delicious, award-winning wine year after year. From all the classics to the winery’s signature Vista and Autumn series, you’ll love the variety you’ll find. Offering dry, semi-sweet, and dessert wines made from grapes, berries, and other fruit, hit up Brown County Winery for big flavors that won’t break the bank! Get some samples at the winery’s home-base and production facility on State Road 46 East or at the tasting room on East Main Street in the Village.

Crowd Pleasers:

  • Vista Red (just like eating grapes off the vine)
  • Strawberry Wine (Fruit Wine of the Year)
  • Old Barrel Port (smooth, bold, and aged in bourbon barrels) 

Cedar Creek Winery 

Officially established in Martinsville, IN in 2010, it didn’t take long for Cedar Creek Winery to make its way to Brown County. Opening its downtown Nashville tasting room in 2013, Cedar Creek has been serving up a plethora of pours ever since. Putting their own spin and creative names on a wide range of grape and fruit varieties, you won’t find wine like this anywhere else. From Twilight White (cranberry) and Pom-Pourri (pomegranate) to White Lie (Pinot Blanc) and Morning Mist (white Zin), these wines are oh-so-original. If you’re a dry red fan, head to the Creek…you’ll find Cab, Malbec, Merlot, Valpolicella, and Shiraz. Oh, and the dessert wines are to die for! Try them all at the tasting room tucked away on Franklin Street in the Village.

Crowd Pleasers:

  • Apple Smooch (apple pie in a glass)
  • Summer Breeze (watermelon wine anyone?)
  • Sweet Inspiration (Chocolate Raspberry Port…enough said)

Country Heritage Winery 

Based in LaOtto, IN, Country Heritage Winery has more than 100 years of family legacy under its belt. Constructed on the Lutter family farm in 2011, Country Heritage has grown to be one of Indiana’s largest wineries and vineyards. Now its flavors can be savored in Brown County! The winery uses a variety of fruits and grapes grown on the LaOtto property and/or from other great U.S. farms to create mouthwatering masterpieces. Country Heritage has something for all tastes…Vintner’s Cuvee and Pinot Gris for dry lovers, Heritage Rose and Blackberry for the sweet drinkers, and LaCrescent for those somewhere in between. There are even super tasty hard ciders! Don’t worry, you’ll still find the famed Abe Martin Jug Series and Slender wines that Chateau Thomas Winery (acquired by Country Heritage) was known for. Stop by the tasting room on South Van Buren Street in the Village for some samples!

Crowd Pleasers:

  • Norton (fruit-forward and dry)
  • Cab (try this one chilled)
  • Marechal Foch Rose (tart meets sweet)
  • Blueberry dessert wine (think blueberry pie)

Salt Creek Winery 

From all the classics like mouthwatering Merlot and refreshing Riesling to more unconventional fruit flavors such as Black Currant and Cherry, you’re sure to love Salt Creek Winery’s wondrous wine selection. Using only the finest ingredients, these quality wines are minimally processed for the best and most natural flavor you can find. In fact, Salt Creek’s wines are only filtered when it’s absolutely necessary for shelf life and fruit wines are made with 100% fruit. Offering the full spectrum of flavor from dry to dessert, Salt Creek has something for everyone. Sample them all in the tasting room on Honeysuckle Lane in the Village. For those true wine lovers out there, you can even stay overnight right above the tasting room in the Salt Creek Wine Loft…so a taste is never far away!  

Crowd Pleasers:

  • Riesling (crisp, off-dry)
  • Catawba (sweet like grape juice, tart like lemonade)
  • Red Raspberry (great with dark chocolate or drizzled over cheesecake)

Distilleries in Brown County

Bear Wallow Distillery 

Bear Wallow Distillery was established in 2014 in good ol’ Gnaw Bone, making it the first “legal” still in Brown County and one of the first craft distilleries in the state! Using only locally sourced grains and an old-fashioned copper pot still, Bear Wallow Distillery serves up handcrafted spirits that are sure to hit the spot. You’ll find bourbon, rye whiskey, moonshine, and more. Plus, you’re sure to get a kick out of their silly names like Hoosier Hooch, Hidden Holler, and Bear Trap. Take a tour, try a sample flight, or down a delicious moonshine shake-up. And, at Bear Wallow you can do more than just drink your whiskey, you can eat it too! Check out the whiskey-inspired edible creations, all at the production facility in Gnaw Bone. Cool facts: Bear Wallow is proudly one of the few woman-owned distilleries in the nation and even helped to change the law that allows craft distilleries to exist in Indiana!

Crowd Pleasers:

  • Gnaw Bone Bourbon (smooth and wheated)
  • Hoosier Hooch Backwoods Blackberry and Hoosier Hooch Front Porch Lemonade (dangerously drinkable)

Hard Truth Distilling Company

The truth never tasted so good! Head to Hard Truth Hills, a 325-acre destination dedicated to the art of alcohol, to discover the Hard Truth line up. Launching in 2015, Hard Truth Distilling Company has quickly grown into Indiana’s largest craft distillery. Gin, rum, and vodka is what you’ll find. Hard Truth has even spiced up its spirits, creating a toasted coconut rum and cinnamon vodka that go down oh-so-smoothly. Their gin also is one-of-a-kind…light on the juniper, heavy on the citrus. It’s not like any gin you’ve had before. Head for the Hill to tour the production facility and sample some spirits. Might as well stick around for a craft Hard Truth cocktail and a bite to eat at the on-site restaurant! You also can get your hands on these cocktails at Big Woods Pizza.

Crowd Pleasers:

  • Cinnamon Vodka (big flavor, little bite)
  • Gin (converts non-gin drinkers in just one sip)
  • Bahama Mama (featuring that special Toasted Coconut Rum)
  • CV Spritzer (cinnamon, bubbly goodness)

Breweries in Brown County

QuaffON! Brewing Company

It all started in 2009 when the Big Woods brewpub was established in the heart of the Village. By 2012, Quaff ON! Brewing Company was formed in response to the increasing demand for the iconic craft beer being developed at the pub. While Quaff ON! may have started out brewing only a tiny 12 gallons at a time (that’s less than one keg), that’s definitely not the case anymore. Millions of gallons later, Quaff ON! beers have become a Hoosier staple. From year-round flagship beers and seasonal flavors to specialty blends and even Bourbon barrel-aged, you’re sure to find a new favorite. Tour the production facility on the third Saturday of the month or pop in any Big Woods location (Big Woods Pizza or Hard Truth Hills) for Quaff ON! beers on tap!

Crowd Pleasers:

  • Busted Knuckle (rich, complex porter)
  • QTFO! (signature IPA)
  • pretty much any seasonal or specialty beer (pumpkin, cherry, coffee, pineapple, and more)

There you have it…a look at Brown County’s beer, wine, and spirits scene. Drink up! 🍻